The Love of Storytelling.

Humans love stories and have done since the dawn of time.

They are the framework of our consciousness and they have the power to change minds and win hearts. Stories, unlike almost anything else, emotionally connect with everybody. It’s the use of words to create new worlds and experiences in a reader or listener’s imagination.

As an avid book reader, the delight in snatching a couple of hours to read or sitting down to watch a movie both good and bad. I love stories.

It’s no wonder that when finishing school the papers I pursued at Victoria University were Art History, Media Studies and English – all these coupled with a Marketing degree fuelled my passion and belief in the power of stories and words.

After graduating I started my first role in publishing and then went on to work at large-scale advertising agencies. It was here that I was taught to believe in the power of creativity and storytelling in business. Ultimately the point is that I had the opportunity to learn and see how when you put storytelling at the fore of any brand you can emotionally connect and that story can cut across all demographics.

Storytelling has become a little unfashionable as of late with the obsession to make content as short as possible.

There is a place for this bite-sized content but with Netflix and Amazon spending billions of dollars on telling stories, that is a ringing endorsement for stories if I ever did see.

Today we have more and more channels to speak to a consumer through. But many brands are forgetting the simple fact that people make decisions on emotion rather than facts.

At Strategy Collective our team weaves talent, planning tactics, production and technology into our creative process to ensure that your brand has an impact and of course a STORY.

We believe that every business whether it be a small start-up or a large multinational should have the expertise needed to succeed. We believe that storytelling and your brand are critical to a business because of the overall impact it makes on your company.

So what’s your story?

Talk to us today and we can help you tell yours.

Written by Emily Bellringer.

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