Vision. Mission. Values.

Strategy Collective pride ourselves on being business enablers. We have stacked our deck with experts from across the entire business spectrum including leaders in Business Strategy, Brand & Marketing, People & Culture, and Finance & Payroll. Together we work with one common goal – your success. Our client portfolio is diverse and the projects and services we offer are varied, working collaboratively and independently within our disciplines gives our organisation a multi-faceted approach.

We identified early on that Strategy Collective needed a shared vision, mission and values with a clear strategic plan and defined goals to ensure we knew the road we were travelling and how we were going to get there, as a team and for our clients.

So how did we do it? Well it started with engaging a third party provider (yes we ask for help too) who could help us on our journey. While this is a service we offer to our clients, we knew we wanted to engage someone who could facilitate a strategic session, so we could contribute fully versus playing a dual role of facilitator and participant. This was really important for us as it enabled us to focus solely on the process at hand, without circling back to operational matters.

All Directors, shareholders and staff were included, we put our ideas on the table and ran sessions that would ultimately help establish our vision, mission and values, and how this would shape the culture of our business alongside how we would be able to support our diverse portfolio of clients. The sky was the limit!

Irrespective of the size of your organisation, whether you can have everyone involved in the face to face planning and workshopping phase or not. It is crucial that everyone is involved throughout the journey. It is important everyone understands where you are going and what you are doing. Why? Because, the exciting thing about that flows out of creating a clear vision, mission and values for an organisation is that it feeds directly into culture and the performance of the organisation.

So what exactly is a vision and a mission statement, and what are values?

What does the future of our business look like? Why do we exist?

A vision inspires action, it is the purpose behind why an organisation exists and it is the guiding compass that points your people in the direction for which the organisation is heading. We like to think of it tangibly, in a story or picture rather than as a single sentence on a page.

What are we doing, why and for who?

A mission focuses your people on what really matters. It articulates to your people, and to your clients what you are doing as an organisation, why you do it, who you are doing for it and what you want to be known for.

What beliefs and principles drive your business? Or flick it the other way, what expectations prescribe the minimum standards of behaviour?

Values help organisations direct every person toward a common goal. They are reminders that you all share a bigger purpose, guiding you in aligning your actions and behaviours and ultimately helping teams to work better and to distinguish your brand from your competitors.

Although developed some time ago, we reflect on these often to ensure they are still relevant to our organisation, our culture, our strategic and operational goals and objectives, and ultimately the services that we offer to our clients.

If you would like to work with our team to create your business strategy and/or vision mission and values touch base here today and go through a similar process to us.

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