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Specialists in waterblasting, Anglesey Waterblasting serves customers in the Taranaki region. Priding themselves on their technical knowledge, professionalism, and expertise, they are driven by providing their valued clients with the highest calibre service.

Anglesey Waterblasting have worked with Strategy Collective over a number of years across Business Strategy, People and Culture, and Brand and Marketing. In the People and Culture space, this has included leadership coaching and development, employment relations, recruitment and selection and streamlining of their people and business processes.

A close-knit team, who truly value their employees, were in need of several dedicated Waterblasting Operators to fill a number of vacancies in their team.

We were happy to work with owners Hayden and Anthea once more, to assist filling these positions with the top candidates, ensuring they would uphold the same values and commitment to providing great service as the rest of the team.

The Project

Because our level of involvement in the recruitment process is completely and individually tailored to each of our clients, we were able to provide Anglesey Waterblasting with exactly the assistance they required during this project, after first determining with them what that assistance would look like.

We started by creating an engaging job advertisement that we could use to go to market and attract quality candidates, working with Hayden and Anthea to highlight the key points that make them a great place to work.

We then managed any applications that were submitted, ensuring that all candidates were kept up to date on their application, and that preliminary screening was completed to determine candidates’ suitability and fit for both the business, the culture, and the role itself.

Shortlisted candidates were then presented for direct interviews, with Strategy Collective providing the Interview Questions. We have previously interviewed alongside the team at Anglesey Waterblasting on other recruits, however, they are now confident enough to complete this stage of the recruitment process on their – which is fantastic!

Following the interview process, Strategy Collective conducted reference checks on the preferred candidates, prior to making any job offers and ensured all candidates were made aware of the outcome of their applications.

The Results

Anglesey Waterblasting were able to successfully fill all the team vacancies with the support of Strategy Collective, ensuring they could run at full capacity again and continue to provide the best service to their clients.

We were able to provide them with our expertise in all things “people”, as well as empower them to take ownership of the process, to result in the best possible outcome – both now and in the future.

“Since engaging with Strategy Collective, we have been able to identify the roles that each of us carry within the business and define them so we complement each other better at work. We have also learnt how to follow through on our processes, and have courageous conversations with our team. We have loved working with a local company, who genuinely cares about how we are doing”.

Anthea and Hayden Anglesey

Anglesey Waterblasting


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