Employee Relations Disciplinaries



  • Disciplinaries are processes undertaken when there has been either informal or formal allegations that have occurred within the workplace
  • Strategy Collective has worked with a number of clients in industries including oil and gas, health and social services, construction, commercial labour, retail and hospitality on matters as small as minor allegations such as lateness’, to more serious, in-depth issues such as theft, and drug and alcohol use
  • Clients come to us when situations may be outside of their experience, and where their involvement may be emotionally charged or technically difficult or they want an independent person managing the process on their behalf
  • We are engaged by clients to carry out independent reviews and investigations into allegations or cultural issues, to determine outcomes for the client to consider and action, ensuring due process is followed whilst maintaining focus on the right outcome for the organisation


  • Strategy Collective has a team of two Consultants qualified by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority to undertake disciplinary processes for organisations
  • We engage with clients in the first instance to ask the relevant questions and determine the background and complexity of the matter, from there we provide a customised and comprehensive estimate on next steps
  • Our role throughout is to fairly and objectively establish the facts of the matter, through understanding the supporting evidence, and then meeting with the concerned employee to understand the allegations
  • We coach our clients throughout the process and empower our clients to lead the process whilst we support them through it
  • Throughout the process, we determine the facts and consider the wider context in which the allegations occurred, to then make a decision on suggested outcomes


  • A fair process outcome for all parties which prevents any allegations of bias or unfairness
  • On-going support, guidance and coaching to encourage the people in the organisation who are leading these processes are empowered with how to run these confidentially on their own in the future
  • Working with organisations on-going to help their leaders nurture positive relationships with their people to mitigate the risk of on-going employment relation issues. In some instances this may involve, in partnership with the organisation, overhauling the culture.

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