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Strategy Collective’s Brand & Marketing specialists look at things differently.

Our team blends strategic thinking with cutting edge creative, developing engaging brands and crafting compelling, research-driven campaigns that ensure your business’s success.

All around Taranaki there are so many fascinating people who are extremely passionate about what they’re doing, and as a result are doing really amazing work. Inspired by this dedication, we have created Mustard Fridays, a mini documentary series that shares these exceptional stories.

Strategy Collective has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with Juno Gin from the very beginning of this award-winning gin brand.

For a cafe franchise located in 3 airports across New Zealand, COVID 19 was a massive challenge for Airspresso. Our people and culture team facilitated a workshop in Queenstown.

We've worked closely with Taranaki Mounga to document this ambitious conservation project transforming the mountain, ranges and islands of Taranaki.

Three Māori Boys and their sparkling mānuka water beverage company are taking the world by storm.

Meet the brains behind our operation.

Some of our wonderful clients

“In March 2020 I engaged Strategy Collective to refresh a brand that had been going for 10 years. Craig Jones and the team were pivotal in providing great structure around the community workshops to find out how the existing brand was doing and what it represented, and how we could build on the brand’s strengths to take us through the next 10 years.
We ended up with a reshaped logo that is modern and fresh yet still recognisable, and we’re telling our story through five videos that are fun, surprising and engaging.
I’m very proud of the results and thank Emily and the whole team at Strategy Collective for their professional and creative involvement. It was a great experience all round.”

Kym Smith

Integrated Transportation Coordinator, NPDC

“We have used several services that Strategy Collective provide.  We have always found their team to be approachable, professional, fun, creative and reliable.  We have worked with the People and Culture Team to recruit awesome new team members and get sound advice.  The Brand and Marketing Team were amazing to work with on the design of our rebranding project, including new logos, website design, packaging, display materials and the overall look of our retail space. They listened and developed a concept for us, in collaboration with our own suppliers, of which we couldn’t be happier with the end result. A great, inspiring team to work with who have fresh and fantastic creative ideas. Thanks Strategy Collective!”

Bill and Lynnette

Owners, Dalgleish Diamonds

“We needed support to develop the graphic element of our brand. We came to the Strategy Collective with the overall concept and direction for our new restaurant. The team listened to us, came up with some outstanding concepts, and helped to create an incredibly strong and unique brand that perfectly captured the essence of what we wanted to present. Strategy Collective are a dynamic team that offer the full suite of branding, design and marketing services. Being a small business owner we need flexible support in areas where we lack in-house expertise. The Strat Co team absolutely deliver for us and we feel that they are very much a part of our business team.  They are so easy to talk to, responsive and simply a pleasure to work with.”

Carl Maunder and Jade Lucas

Co-Owners, State Pasta

“Strategy Collective helped us create Lola, the face of our olive brine brand, Dirty International Ltd.

We are an Auckland based company, just starting out, with a vision to conquer the world.  Strategy Collective have been paramount in our branding, logo design, vision, launching of our product, and subsequent goals.  Being Auckland based, we have never physically met any of the team at Strategy.  All our meetings/updates/creative were done via zoom or email, with no negative impact on any progress or communication using this remote format. The follow up support has been remarkable.  Strategy Collective have been forthcoming, encouraging and so very knowledgeable.”


Jodi Litherland

Owner, Dirty International

“To the Strategy Collective Team please accept our sincere thanks and congratulations for the outstanding work and creative services that you performed for us with a total rebrand of our Real Estate Agency. We were impressed on the inspiring way you led our team to formulate a new branding model in every aspect of our Real Estate business marketing. On a very positive note, your investment with us has resulted in a much higher and vibrant profile in the public arena which has given us a new lease of life.
Just awesome and great work.”

Selwyn Metcalfe

Managing Director, Metcalfe Real Estate

“Hiringa was looking for a partner that would help us communicate our vision, values and purpose to multiple varied stakeholders through helping create and evolve a brand. We have established a business from scratch in a complex new energy landscape and had to be able to cut through to what is important to us, what is important to our market but also something that would bring people and organisations on this journey. Strategy Collective bought in to this from the start, helped guide and nurture the brand and have continued to support us on the journey. The credibility of our brand, representing our purpose, approach and capability has been vital. Today, the Hiringa Energy name and what we do has gained us global recognition as a leader in the Green Hydrogen space and Strategy Collective continue to work with us to deliver our vision”

Andrew Clennett

CEO, Hiringa Energy

“We worked with Strategy Collective when we underwent rebranding and the experience was very positive. Strategy Collective was also highly recommended by other businesses that had worked with them for Human Resourcing. We re-approached Strategy Collective for support with recruiting an experienced Executive Officer. This role is pivotal within our business so finding the best person for the role was paramount.
Throughout the recruitment process the personal service given was excellent, I felt heard and understood and the outcome was top notch.  I would recommend Strategy Collective to anyone who needs a modern, fresh approach to business support.”

Matt Coleman

Principal, Taranaki Diocesan School for Girls

“Prior to engaging Strategy Collective we were unsure of how to implement our policies and procedures, especially around managing our team and their engagement within the company. We were also struggling with our identities as husband and wife, who were also running a business together! Since engaging with Strategy Collective, we have been able to identify the roles that each of us carry within the business and define them so we complement each other better at work. We have also been able to find ways to schedule our time more constructively, including building in time to work on personal interests and hobbies. We have also learnt how to follow through on our processes, and have courageous conversations with our team. We are frequently asked what supports we have in place as a small business, especially when it comes to people management, and we tell them that we work in with Strategy Collective for guidance and support in that space. We have loved working with a local company, who genuinely cares about how we are doing.”

Hayden and Anthea Anglesey

Owners, Anglesey Waterblasting

“We have been so pleased with the way our dedicated team at Strategy Collective launched our new business Lend and bought our vision to life.
From the first concepts we were given, we knew that Craig and Emily understood our preference for clean, fresh, original, and yet professional branding. We were both pleased and surprised that there was more than one option that we would be more than happy to launch with.
Heinrich has also produced great results with our online marketing campaigns and the feedback from our clients on our website has been fantastic, I would have no hesitation in recommending their services for anyone launching a business or utilising their marketing services to increase their market presence.”

Natasha and Jo

Owners, Lend

“Strategy Collective Brand and Marketing has been part of the Juno Gin story right from the get go. They continue to support us and are an essential part of our business. Having the HR team to recently help us to recruit and appoint our first full-time employee shows the multi-facets that Strategy Collective bring. It has been great to be able to rely on their knowledge of the legal and process requirements around HR and to have their support with that most important thing – payroll!”

Dave and Jo James

Founders, Juno Gin

“Working with the team from Strategy Collective was a game-changer for our start-up. Through adept insight and industry experience, they helped develop marketing assets that led to Wai Mānuka being selected to represent Aotearoa at the big yacht race this year. Ultimately, it came down to the relationship fit and alignment of values. We feel the connection with Emily, Craig and the wider team really contributed to the beautiful brand story and product we have today. Kia ora rawa atu.”

Wayne, Lance and Joe

Owners, 3 Maori Boys

“We started working with the Strategy Collective creative team when we completed a refresh of our brand. They’ve remained a partner of ours for packaging and graphic design. We’ve always found their work to be world-class and their turnaround times impressive. We’re lucky to have such a competent team right on our doorstep.”

Nick Carey

Managing Director, Green Meadows Beef


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In the fast-paced world of business, leaders often find themselves grappling with the challenge of enhancing productivity while maintaining a positive work culture. Caring leadership, a philosophy that prioritises the well-being and growth of team members, has emerged as a powerful approach to achieving these goals. We delve into five quick-fire ways to become a caring leader.

Creativity isn’t just important for ‘creative’ jobs, creativity plays a part in almost every aspect of business nowadays. However, common perception of what it means to be creative naturally lends itself towards creative roles – designers, photographers, and artists etc. But what if we said you can discover your inner creative no matter your background, skillset or job title?

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