Strategy Collective are now licensed with three of our People and Culture Consultants holding the Private Investigator designation to undertake employment investigations for your business.

If you’ve got any sort of entrepreneurial cell inside, you would have asked yourself this question at least once: “I wonder, would this make a good business?”

Here’s a handy checklist to separate the “nice ideas” from the ideas with real potential.

A business’s brand is more than just a logo and a colour scheme—it’s the entire emotional and psychological connections that that business makes with their target audience. It’s the thing that turns your one-off customers into roaring fans and the thing that transforms a bunch of employees into a team of united, purpose-driven collaborators.

Albert Einstein famously said that “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Covid-19 has provided plenty of opportunities for businesses to test Einstein’s theory. Difficulty has come at us from all angles including loss of revenue, staffing issues, lack of supply, working from home, childcare, and navigating government support and regulations.

Irena Brooks co-owner of LIVE magazine has definitely been a major part behind shaping and sharing local stories.

Aarons passion for cooking and desire to learn a new skill has paid off with his one of a kind custom made knives.

Scott dedicates his time to building and maintaining the world famous bike track 'Rotoz'.

Marita Green is a wife, a mother and a contemporary local potter / ceramist.

We’ve all heard of the SWOT analysis—looking at the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats facing your business—but its lesser known cousin, the PESTLE analysis, deserves it’s own spot in the business strategy board meeting. Here’s why.

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