Roger shares a great story of the art of being.  
He’s an artist, writer and philosopher, but on a deeper level, he’s a thinker, creator, challenger.

Erika Flash is powerful, confident and fabulous. Not afraid to stomp down the street with six inch high heels and yell at people with a cheeky wink and Rawr. 

Keen surfer, avid gardener and drummer, Robert's passion is hand crafting bespoke drums with a unique sound. Check out his story.

A dream to craft his own surfboards was realised while Cain was just 15, when a local surfboard shaper dropped off a real surfboard-blank and big box of tools on his doorstep. The rest is history. Check out his story.

The accidental author of children's books inspired by animal conservation week.  Helen is a Speech Language Therapist by day helping families and children find their voice and improving livelihoods. 

Level up your CV and improve your chances of being shortlisted with these five tips...

From the rebirth of cool with a fashionable digital refresh, to launching hip new restaurant brands, and working alongside local growers and boutique makers to reach new markets across New Zealand and beyond.  We’re immensely proud of where we live, work and play and had a blast working with Venture Taranaki to promote the region.  And, to top it all of New Plymouth just got crowned as the most liveable city (for its size) in the world!

As we get closer to the festive season it can be difficult to keep employees engaged and motivated at work. Distractions such as Christmas celebrations, end of year events, festivals, family commitments and holiday planning often lead to employees losing focus during the final weeks of the year. Rather than getting frustrated at your team, the best approach is to have a few key motivation strategies in place to keep your people focused and on track to finish the year strong and ready to tackle the year ahead.

People are the spark and lifeblood of your business, and your company culture is an important part of your overall employee value proposition. A great option to further improve your company culture and give your people a sense of belonging, boost employee engagement and improve productivity, is to introduce a social club.

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